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New smoking shelter installed by our design team

We recently tasked our design team to not only create a new smoking shelter for use on our site, but also to install it.  This novel assignment had a serious objective: to see if they found the information they usually supply to our installation teams was easy to follow and sufficiently clear to enable them […]

Supporting Employees Who Cycle To Work

Cycling to work has several benefits for employees; it’s good for their health, it can be faster during busy morning and evening rush hours, and parking a bicycle can be substantially easier than parking a car in the packed streets of a city centre. For businesses, providing adequate bicycle shelters with good security can make […]

10 Non-Negotiables Customers Expect When Visiting A Retail Store

In many ways, retail is a lot of moving parts and yet in others it is very simple: Treat customers as you would want to be treated. It better be clean. In the old days, everyone cleaned the store. Now, many have outside cleaning services or a dedicated employee. But it is still everyone’sresponsibility that […]