When it comes to the ‘Fast Food’ or Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Sector, grabbing customers’ attention will always be top on the list. The trend these days is the replacement of static printed menus by Digital Menu Boards. Grabbing customers’ attention has always been the way to go for successful Digital Boards, and also keeping that attention span for a considering period of time by letting them in on offers that will be promoted in the near future.

When you go digital, you have the great advantage of infusing motion into your menu, and that confers so much excitement and enticement too.

To really be ahead of the pack, it is critical not to downplay the effect that customers viewing of menu bring to the picture. With the Digital Menu Boards, you can showcase your food in a unique and most exciting manner. Now with the concept of high definition, coupled with a vivid LCD panel, your food can stand out from the crowd. Instant update is also available with Digital Menu Boards, and it will cost you nothing to add that to the fray, which is not obtainable with the print menus; Digital Boards tend to bring about a huge saving in terms of cost—because no distribution cost is involved. Changing of information, such as pricing can be done instantly.

Synchronization of content can be achieved with Networked Digital Menu Boards across multiple screens, thereby bringing to live that stunning appeal. Again, the chance to showcase your brand to your potential customers and what value you convey can also be accomplished using Digital Menu Boards. Whatever your brand represents—either excitement or youthful in nature, or better still, upmarket or refined—our Android Digital Menu Boards with their glass tampered front, alongside the slim profile and also the bezel ooze quality can present an alluring atmosphere that will be indelible in the minds of customers for a long time to come and make them want more from you.

Creating a better experience for customers is another benefit of having Digital Menu Boards, as the ordering process is being simplified while still notifying them of future offers that they were hitherto unaware of. Additionally, the perceived wait time is reduced to the barest minimum, which is quite critical to QRS experience.

Touch screens and its implementation take an essential position in the future of QRS industries, as apps like Justeat and Deliveroo are taking the market by storm. Customers are making use of their touch screen tablet and smartphones to place their order for food in the comfort of their homes.

Integrating this philosophy into QRS with our PCAP Touch Screen with Dual OS being used in synergy with kiosk display would be such an interesting thing.

Some of the benefits that readily come to mind for businesses using a touch screen kiosk is that it helps in the processing of more orders and quickly too during busy hours without employing more hands. It is a better experience for some customers using touch screen rather that dealing in person with employees.

You can put in your restaurant Digital Menu Boards and Interactive Touch Screens to redefine customers experience without them realising it.

Suggested Products

  • Choose from our exclusive library of fully customisable menu board templates.
  • A commercial grade IPS panel with a brightness of 450cd/m2 (twice as bright as a domestic television) and can run 24/7 with no loss in image quality.
  • 1 year free software licence allows you unrestricted access to the online CMS portal as well as lifetime technical support.
  • Update multiple Menu Boards instantly across several locations via our Network CMS from anywhere in the world.
  • Schedule different menus for different times of the day, month and year.
  • A narrow bezel makes the Digital Menu Boards more attractive when mounted side by side.
  • Synchronise dynamic content across multiple screens.
  • The automatic power timer allows you to set on and off times for the display so the screen is only in use when it needs to be.
  • If there is no internet access available the Digital Menu Boards can be updated thanks to the displays backup USB option.
  • Workers with minimal technical knowledge can update the displays with the plug and play USB method.
  • The automatic power timer allows you to set on and off times for the display so the screen is only in use when it needs to be.
  • No external buttons or accessible ports so customers cannot tamper.
  • Scheduling software allows you to display menus for different times of the day.
  • The screen comes with a free flat wall mount that allows you to mount in portrait or landscape.
  • Tempered glass front means the screen can be easily wiped down and cleaned.
  • Screens can be networked so they can be updated remotely and multiple media zones can be displayed on screen.
  • If networked you can synchronise your menu across multiple screens.


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