The effect of Transport Digital Signage in the transport sector has already been felt before now. With a wide range of passengers trying to lay their hands on vital information, Digital Signage screens are an essential advertising tool in transport hub. With bus stations, airports, and train stations, giving real time information to passengers is critical to achieving effective public transport interchanges. In this situation, you can’t deny the fact that Digital Signage provides some of the most cost-effective methods when it comes to the provision of real time updates directly to those that truly wants it.

As travelers  are about to start their journey, having the most up to date information, such as arrival and departure time can make the journey proceed swiftly. This information can be vital for passengers to jump on their mode of transport on time and to enable them have an idea of their arrival time.

When delays, emergencies and cancellations are the order of the day, passengers are duly informed of this occurrence in time and customers are happier for it without being frustrated. Hence, they can make alternative plans.

Digital Signage presents an awesome opportunity for viewers to get themselves acquainted with the nearest hotels or the available liquid allowance permitted for baggage on flights. In a way, Transport Digital Signage offers a kind of distraction, in a good though for waiting passengers. With the use of exciting videos, boredom can be drifted far away, all thanks to the entertainment coming from Digital Signage display.

Optimization of experiences is another thing that Digital Signage does so well for travelers, while generating income for the transport hubs. Take for example, with Digital Signage Screens; you have the opportunity to sell more advertising space in areas having more footfalls when you compare it to static print signage. Cross promoting will make a whole lot of sense with so many retails and food concession stands available within a building with Digital Signage in place in the transportation sector. The advertising possibilities in situations like this are better imagined because it is limitless!

Believe it or not, the synergy between transportation and Digital Signage is gravitating towards a more automated system, and a Touch Screen will be essential to pull this off. With the advent of self-service ticketing machines and self-service check in kiosks–and becoming a commonplace now–only the best commercial grade Touch Screens with PCAP or Infrared would be a perfect fit in such situations.

Suggested Products

  • Perfect for outdoor station platforms and bus stops as ultra-high brightness panels mean travel timetables are legible even in direct sunlight.
  • The IP65 rated enclosure means the screen can keep harmful dust and wet weather out.
  • The internal components of the screen are protected by a vandal proof mild steel case and toughened glass.
  • No external buttons or accessible ports so commuters cannot tamper.
  • Scheduling software allows you to display content on different days and times of the day.
  • Can be network upgraded so real time updates can be shown on screen.
  • Advanced temperature control system keeps the screen running at the optimum temperature and be in constant use.
  • Touch Screen upgrades can keep travellers informed with real time information they want to know.
  • Workers with minimal technical knowledge can update the displays with the plug and play USB method.
  • The screen’s automatic power timer allows you to set on and off times for the display so the screen is only in use when it needs to be.
  • No external buttons or accessible ports so customers cannot tamper.
  • Scheduling software allows you to display content on different days and times of the day.
  • The Wall Mounted display comes with a free flat wall mount.
  • The Freestanding Advertising Display comes with integrated castors so the screen can be moved around easily.
  • Screens can be networked so they can be updated remotely and more multiple media zones can be displayed on screen.


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