Telescopic Parking Post (Heavy Duty)

Ideal for ram raid deterrence, protected parking and pedestrian walkways

£85.00 Ex VAT

Telescopic Parking Post (Heavy Duty)

By far our best selling Telescopic Parking Post. This is our most popular and long standing telescopic post, with fast delivery. It works with ease, and is hugely reliable.


  • Fully retractable heavy duty square post
  • Fits flush with the ground when not in use
  • Retractable handle for easy operation
  • Extends to 550mm above ground
  • Zinc plated
  • Supplied with black and yellow tape
  • Includes kick plate to ensure it stays in place whilst locking the post
  • Lockable by separate padlock – provided with post.
  • Alternative padlocks such as combination padlocks can be fitted but must be 70mm Padlocks
  • Post Size – 70x70mm
  • Height Above Ground – 550mm
  • Depth Below Ground – 740mm
  • Lift Out Weight – 6kg
  • Material – Steel
  • Finish – Zinc plated

Telescopic Parking Post

Delivery time

Typically 2-5 working days