Service maintenance done by pros

Our service maintenance division provides a complete range of preventative and reactive maintenance services for all our checkout and customer guidance products, which can greatly extend the lifespan of the equipment, reducing demand for new materials and energy and achieving significant cost savings.

Our service maintenance engineers have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Coupled with our in-house technical advice team, we can ensure an unrivaled performance in quality of service and maintenance.

We provide next day delivery of all spare parts throughout the UK ensures a quick and efficient repair to your product, whether through our service department or direct to your site maintenance staff.

Our field engineers are coordinated by our call center support team who program works based upon contract agreements, both for major retailers and property management companies. Our operations and activities extend to public buildings, leisure facilities, commercial properties, offices and retail sites.

Service maintenance range

Our Service division and engineers provide support for :

  • Office entrance access
  • Retail entrance gates
  • Checkouts
  • Self Scanning
  • Interior & exterior turnstiles